“Lighting in a bottle”

      Before I start my blog post I want to thank a bunch of people/elements of my life  from the bottom of my heart ,thank you millions and millions of my body cells , my physical body , all the organs that function day in and day out selflessly , universe(s) , milky way galaxy, solar system , my planet , my parents ,brother, pappy ka, kathamma, prasad, geetha, alagiri, moni , karate master ,my fellow switch participants (kripa,arun,madhu,hari,poongodi)  (this blog is about switch read next paragraph to know what switch is all about) friends and family and all other beings who are generous enough to give appropriate amount of attention I need for my existence, for the support and the love.

      Switch a year long program which has changed my life or I should say  given me tools to change my life from a sate of unknown, sadness, depression, anxiety to a sate of bliss or an appropriate emotion driven life and also  helped me to see the enormous potential I carry along to handle my life which in turn was there all along but was hidden in plain sight behind unprocessed anger or jealousy or grief or insecurity or a cocktail of all or few combinations of the above said emotions.

      Ok now switch is not some new dope in the market which you can take and it makes you instantly feel blissful , king of the world or any fantasies one might not admit while they are living rather running their life or its not a rehab program.switch in a nutshell is a year long program which makes you realise your own beautiful responsibility of having the gift of life, gives you a strong perspective of freedom to make a choice from a variety options for a given situation rather than responding like a trained machine.Its a learning  rather I should say evolving experience where facilitators (geetha and prasad) help you to learn about yourself by providing appropriate amount of support, care and a judgement less environment.Once again thanks to geetha and prasad for such a great experience.

       This December 24th and 25th (2016) I will be completing my year long switch program its part of the course to document my experience  as an assignment but then this is not a regular assignment and switch is a one of a kind of a program, so what better way to plant what I have learned and experienced by talking to myself ,After all we all talk to ourselves almost all the time , plus mastering intra communication with myself , reassuring  and revisiting  a great experience will go a long way to help me transition into a blissful human and also this is a pat on the back for me for the effort and religious traveling every month I did to attend switch from hyderabad to coimbatore. Great Job “vishnu”  :).

     But capturing one year in a blog is a herculean task plus I am a words person I need a jargon/punch to go with a concept so that it gets planted deep inside of me. So the pattern of communication in this blog will not be like story telling/communicating/conversational  but it will be a combination of all.

“Hey Vishnu”

“Culmination of 26 odd years of experience, used to being confined to a small conscious mind with its own stories , own problems etc…”

“I have realised I am bigger than the experiences, I represent a lineage, lineage I represent started with amoeba ,I believe I am a persistent individual works hard to not to solve mundane problems of life but to integrate myself with the universe no matter the length the breath I need to cross for this purpose  while I work on the integration I will continue to live the life that is given to me gracefully and compassionately “

“There are few core principals that switch  has thought me which I am already working to make them as my values, belief system, support system and I want or I know given appropriate time and continuous process it will grow beyond me and it will proliferate into a blissful home , society , world and beyond”

“Core principals you say lets list it down”

1.Ubiquitous awareness

             Awareness is like one tool to rule them all ,awareness about what is happening now  ,awareness about what is happening in front of me or who is talking  , how I am reacting to it physically  and awareness on how my mind is manipulating this info and connecting with an emotion.

          “ok” now why it has to be ubiquitous ,  if I am able to differentiate what my mind is saying  for a given situation and what actually the situation is while understanding how my body represents that situation gives me a choice , choice to choose , choice to act, choice to be real and authentic to what that situation demands instead of being driven by fantasies that run in my head.This concept is called witnessing . Witnessing helps me to act to a situation not react out of anxiety or curiosity or fear or anger.

      we also worked on how the belief systems work , being aware can help me to curb all the non conducive beliefs which I used to carry for no apparent reason

 2.Persisting Goodness and a stroking mechanism

           “isn’t  all this for persisting goodness ?”, “yes , of course” but it is not just one of the things it is the thing.When I say goodness I mean state of blissful thinking meanwhile being aware of whats happening.

       Stroking is a powerful tool to keep reminding you the goodness you posses on any given situation, patting yourself on the back or ask other explicitly an appreciation for what you have done or doing or did.

       Failing to do it sometimes leads to a state of non-recognition which leads to undesired sates and a non-living feeling.Once you feel like it eventually your mind will start playing games , games with people around you to get that recognition which will again lead to another game and becomes a loop.Instead lets be authentic about the need for appreciation from others meanwhile work on being self sufficient with our own appreciation.

    “Now being aware and fuelling  the motivation via stroking we are unstoppable”

3. Unconditional love for oneself, acceptance and gratitude 

          “consider until now we discussed about pizza, this this is the dough.Once dough is right and well prepared you can add any toppings you want”

     “Unconditional love for me/oneself and acceptance from who?”

     “Unconditional love and acceptance of oneself, duh?,its like vishnu loves him so much that he has no problem spreading love, once we agree and accept our action we will become givers than seekers of love”

   “this idea of loving oneself first is one of the main purposes of switch”

      “Did I pull osho there !”, “Yes the unconditional part of loving and acceptance is a projection of reading osho and relating to it in switch”.

    ” In switch we learned about personalities we carry all day  in our head along with experiences associated with respective personality , characters in books we read , people we talk to , parents , friends etc..”

    “personally I used to wake up with a person in my head who used to bother me, then after attending switch learning to be aware of minds play, knowing what is the appreciation I am seeking from that personality and accepting yes that person in my head (person need not even exist,it might be a fantasy) I made peace with that person by saying hey thanks a lot for visiting me and the attention you give me day in and day out then magic happened , tada person vanished from my head now every day I get up to a plan of making myself better and blissful”

4.Fulfilling goals, friction less connection and communication

     Having  Fulfilling goals is very simple , I use the tool of contracting to establish a realistic goal I want to achieve with an activity I do, setting up boundaries and sticking with it. Now any activity if I am able to complete by sticking with contract is fulfilling for me , I am ok to re-contract but with awareness that I am re-contracting not procrastinating.

“Now think about it I am clear on what I am doing and I have my own measure for success won’t it be fulfilling trust me sometimes its intoxicating when you are true to a contract”

      Friction less connection and communication being aware will help/helping  you/me to do it but sometimes its ok address situation than the person whom you are communicating during that situation , remember you have at least 50% responsibility for that situation you put yourself in so its ok to accept it for what it is and communicate it , have a re-contract about it and move on.Avoiding friction comes from acceptance of oneself which will extend outward as well and will help making healthy connections with the outer world .

5. Value of being vulnerable

      its ok to say “I am not ok , I feel angry , I feel sad” , It was difficult for me to connect and trust anyone including me , but the fright of accepting I am vulnerable to certain things in life is the reason I ran from people sometimes , I ran from myself.In switch we learned about being nurturing and vulnerable it was like wowsa moment in my life.Now I have no problem in trusting someone as well as accepting I am not ok with certain things while I communicate the same with the person I am trying to connect/bond.

To explain how much switch has helped in a blog is like capturing “Lighting in a bottle” . I can lose 10kgs when I want , put on weight when I want , I can sing, dance, cry when I feel . I can summon the kid, adult and the parent in me when I want.I am trustworthy to myself and for the society, I deserve all the goodness I get in my life.

Once again I am not sure how to stop talking about this experience , consider this blog an experience part number 1.I will be back with more about switch and my life experiences  using the tools given my switch.

6. There is me in everyone , there is everyone in me 

Introjection is a powerful tool which understood right can make you feel, emulate and produce powerful results in life.

what is introjection “remember ? people say you look like your mom , you talk like your father , when you play basketball you emulate lebron etc…”. Think about it right I have to perform in a spotlight if I could summon the inner lebron in me.I become lebron , I am at my best when the spotlight is on me.

“since I am awareness is ubiquitous  , I can summon lebron,kamal hassan,bruce lee etc.. based on the situation , based on how I feel , based on kind of results I want to produce”

Introjection gives me power to even give out an impression to a kid or my friends or people around or the society which can empower them  “people can emulate vishnu at certain points in their life “.

“Thats the power of introjection.You can be anyone, anyone can be you”.

7. Flow like a river , trust the process

“remember all the bouts of karate fights , last thing I was doing was thinking”

“Doubts are the last thing while performing kata”

“Body, mind and breath and me become one”

It is possible in karate because I have invested enough time to go through the process, trusting the process  to flow like a song, like a wind when I perform.

Idea of flow is for me to flow like a wind in my life, be it work, be it the process of life itself.All I need  is to understand the process  for any activity in life, practise it, implement it , see the results , improve on it and  repeat .Always trust the process

Flow eliminates doubts, flow eliminates fear , life is flow.



PS: If you are in coimbatore or near by coimbatore try attending switch rather I strongly recommend switch for any one who wants to be liberated from fear, anger and jealousy.Switch can facilitate you to an untapped side of yours like it did for me.

Spread goodness.Live life not survive it.

astala vista for now !


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