what is the most important thing that we seek all the time, that thing has different name called  “Being Positive” , “self satisfaction” etc. Thing that goes missing when a comment that is not positive is made against your name.

Thing your name represents, thing your education degree represents, thing that all the other job titles you carry represents.

The thing we talk about is ubiquitous its there in the backend.

Thing looks for gratification, every “opportunity” is a sense of achievement of this “Thing”. Unfortunately we start seeking next “opportunity” for the same or even more gratification.

The thing I am talking about is relevance “whatt !!”, relevance of your existence, relevance for your word , relevance for even a fb post.

I win the relative gave relevance,

I cried mom gave me relevance,

I work I get paid , oh there comes the relevance ..

But after accumulating so much relevance from the outside world , tomorrow I get up and move and do everything to get the outside relevance. 

Isn’t it tiring , it was for me . The empty feeling you get when the relevance need is met with opportunity , I seek more opportunity to bring up the need for relevance and vice versa.

sounds like expectation vs reality  isn’t is ? ..

its a loop a loop that will never end, loop that exhausts ,the THING that makes life sometimes so difficult.

What if there is a magical parameter in the equation of relevance – opportunity that normalises the pitfalls or even makes them work for you.

ok without no further adieu .. I am talking about preparedness ask THE PROCESS good ol fashion preparedness.

I will be talking about personal life experiences with work and life where preparedness has given relevance and opportunity.





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